Kingston Archtop

Kingston guitar rework, this one must have been under some kid's Christmas tree in the 60s. Made in Japan, loaded with old hide glue in the dovetail and a rusted steel neck reinforcement. Plywood laminate body with brass frets and original old tuners with deteriorating plastic knobs.

TM Technologies

Located in the Northern California gold country, TM is a supplier of metalworking tools that are difficult to source elsewhere. Not sure how active Kent White is these days but the company still seems to be in place and selling one of the best small torch hoses available. 

From the website:

Bench Block 129

Starrett Bench Block No.129

An older version of the Starrett 129 steel hardened bench block. Nice engraving, knurled sides and finish on this older example. Also many cheaper copies available these days as imports. 


Starrett Bench Block
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