The prototype guitar project.

Thursday February 08, 2024

Ebony sound hole trim bends.

bend in the trim


Tuesday February 06, 2024

Handcut Ebony binding/trim and the @lienielsentoolworks No.4.

#guitar #lutherie #handmade #luthier #acousticguitar #stewmac #ebony #purfling #lienielsen

No.4 Lie Nielsen



Sunday February 04, 2024

Ebony surrounding the heel and running under the soundboard in trim toward the rear. An attempt to "finish-off" the top of the opening.

Sound hole detailUnusual sound hole

The red seems red (ColorTone stain from Stewmac). Final ebony insert/trim will finish forming the unusual sound holes.

#guitar #lutherie #handmade #luthier #acousticguitar #stewmac



sound hole

Hoping the hard maple sides can be stained cherry red? Not your father's Oldsmobile/sound hole. #guitar #woodworking #lienielsen

Bending the sides

Bending the hard maple sides. Cut from a hard maple board and hand planed to a thickness around .090. Bent over a kitchen pot and a smaller pipe fired with a cheap heat gun.

Homemade bridge

Welded steel tailstock with silver-soldered brass insert.

Ebony from WoodCraft

Ebony fingerboard with maple markers

Note on the ebony waxed blank from WoodCraft:

"This Ebony is the product of the sustainable harvesting of submerged hardwoods in Lake Volta created by the Akosombo dam’s construction in 1961 in the African nation of Ghana. The lake now houses nearly 3,500 km² of dense forest area filled with various species of hardwoods that have been flooded ever since the lake’s creation. The submerged trees remain standing, perfectly preserved. For nearly 50 years, these hardwoods have absorbed minerals from these waters, adding beautiful character. Removing the submerged hardwoods from Lake Volta has reduced and continues to reduce the demand and pressure on Ghana’s living forests.

Gaboon Ebony (Diospyros spp.) heartwood is usually jet black with little or no variation or visible grain. However, Lake Volta Gaboon Ebony is beautifully streaked with sapwood, as well as grays, brown, and shades of red; it is not solid black. Ebony has a fine texture with mostly straight grain. This wood can be difficult to work due to its extremely high density, but it is worth the reward. It has a dulling effect on cutters. Tear-out may occur on pieces that have interlocked or irregular grain. Typical uses include small ornamental projects, such as piano keys, musical instrument parts, pool cues, and carving."


Lie-Nielsen Jack Plane


Guitar Parts on Bench


Maple Markers

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